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Storm Command Line interface that invoked the Storm Test
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Storm CLI

Command line interface for the Storm Test runner. Allows to invoke tests and see results locally.

Getting started

  1. Install the dependencies
npm install
  1. Adjust the file config.js to match your Thunder enabled testing device.

  2. Start Storm CLI

npm start

Single test execution

For ease of test development you can execute a single test directly from the CLI:

npm run single -i <testcase.test.js>

Note: test case needs to be present in ./testcases/ of the CLI.


Documentation on test syntax and reporters can be found here

Test cases

The storm test cases are stored in a seperate repository which can be found here and are automatically pulled in on npm start. If you want to test/include your own test cases you can place them in the ./testcases/ folder and the CLI will load them locally (and don't forget to upstream them 8)).

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