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WebSpellChecker provides multilingual spelling and grammar check solutions for web apps.

Popular repositories

  1. SCAYT Plugin for CKEditor 4 is a plugin for multilingual check spelling and grammar as you type in CKEditor 4.

    JavaScript 12 21

  2. WSC Dialog Plugin for CKEditor 4 is a plugin for check spelling and grammar in a separate pop-up window of CKEditor 4. Announced EOL: December 2021.

    JavaScript 9 7

  3. WProofreader software development kit (SDK) offers multilingual spelling & grammar check API and JavaScript libraries for rich text editors and HTML editable controls.

    JavaScript 9 1

  4. WProofreader spelling and grammar check plugin for CKEditor 5

    JavaScript 5 1

  5. WProofreader plugin for WordPress is a multilingual plugin for spelling and grammar check on WordPress websites.

    PHP 3 1

  6. WebSpellChecker JS API for spell- and grammar checking on multiple languages.

    JavaScript 3 1


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