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The official Wedge plugin repository.

Plugins are packages that can extend your forum software by adding a feature, removing another, or modifying your experience. They're written in a way that they can't overwrite core files, and instead have to 'hook' into specific entry points in the codebase to do their magic.

I'm considering adding the ability to modify core files, BUT with a twist that will make it impossible to break your forum. Stay tuned for more details.

Installing a plugin from this repo.

Go to the repository.

Click the 'Download ZIP' button. This will download all plugins at once. (Don't worry, it's a quick download.) You could also download plugin folders separately, but GitHub doesn't, AFAIK, offer the ability to download them easily as a zip file.

Unzip the file, and upload any folders you like to your FTP account, into the /plugins/ folder at the root of your forum folder.

Well... That's pretty much it. Now go to the Admin area, and look into the Plugins menu. You'll see a list of the plugins you uploaded, and you can click the big buttons next to each plugin to Enable them, Disable them or Set them up. Yes, I don't know why I capitalized these names either.

Some plugins of interest.

  • ajax_qr is an Ajax Quick Reply plugin. Not thoroughly tested.
  • birthday and calendar are SMF features which were moved to plugins. Calendar isn't finished yet.
  • edit_history puts a bit of wiki into your posts. No more ninja edits!
  • facebook has the official Facebook bridge (and Facebook Login). Can be useful.
  • github has the official GitHub WebHooks handler. Developed for, of course.
  • mass_attach (as used on allows you to add (and upload) multiple attachments at once by drag'n'drop.
  • mentions is another popular plugin, allowing you to mention a @user and draw their attention.
  • skin_selector is a must-use plugin. It adds a sidebar box that lets you quickly switch between skins.
  • topic_solved allows you to turn a board into a basic helpdesk, where users can mark their topics as solved or not.
  • users_online_today adds a sidebar box with a list of all members who passed by your forum today.
  • wedgedesk is the only really broken plugin. It'll probably remain so, unless someone wants to finish it.
  • word_limits can be used as a base for plugins adding moderation filters. This one prevents users from posting messages that are either too short, or too long.

All plugins have a more thorough description, along with author credits, in their respective `plugin-info.xml' files.

Can you read me my rights?

Read license.txt, and if you don't get all of the legalese, it just means:

  • Currently, Wedge is free of charge, but it's not free to redistribute. As such, it's not 'free and open source' software, but it's definitely open source.
  • You can't redistribute any package, plugin or folder by yourself. If you ever find yourself in the need to do so, drop me a PM at (user name is Nao, it's easy, the guy's everywhere.)
  • And other details that most people shouldn't have to bother with. Still, be respectful. Thanks.

-- René-Gilles Deberdt (Nao).


The official repository for Wedge plugins.







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