A Minecraft mod that ensures you eat healthy.
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Nutrition is a highly configurable mod to enable the creation of health systems in Minecraft.

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Nutrition GUI

Through its config files, Nutrition allows you to define custom food groups (called nutrients) which apply effects based on nutrition levels.

By default, Nutrition comes configured with the classic five food group system: dairy, fruit, grain, protein, and vegetables. However many different systems are possible. Some examples include:

  • A spicy tolerance bar, where eating enough spicy foods will grant a permanent resistance to fire.
  • A zombie simulation where you must constantly eat brains/flesh to avoid negative effects.
  • Gluten intolerance. Eat bread, get sick.

Mods Supported

Mods that are supported with the default five-food group system include:

Mod support contributions are welcome! Please create a Pull Request or an Issue with the related .json files.

When updating the mod, please delete your /config/nutrition/nutrients/ directory to receive new mod support. Minor bugfixes will not require this.