1st rule of PowerShell is to always use PowerShell. Replace PowerPoint with this!
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The first rule of PowerShell is to always use PowerShell. That's the second rule as well. If you're not using PowerShell to talk about PowerShell, well, you're not doing it right. To that end you sometimes need to show bullet points or URLs. Instead of going to PowerPoint (shudder), you do have a solution: Start-PowerShellPoint - The PowerShell way of doing slides!

This originally appeared on my blog but I've fixed a few issues and wanted to share it with the world.

Included is an example presentation, HowToUsePowerShellPoint.txt to show you how to get the most out of PowerShellPoint. Of course, it's written to be viewed in PowerShellPoint. It's meta all the way down.

Before some of you ask, PowerShell point only runs in the console. That's the essense of PowerShell and that's what we're supposed to use. If firing up PowerShellPoint scares weaker developers and network admins out of the room, that's a very good thing. PowerShell point will never go graphical. A console window is all you need. Bwahahaha. I'm the mostly benevolent dictator of PowerShellPoint. :)

Please do feel free to fork and add features such as disolves, kiosk mode, speaker notes, and anything else you think would be cool and funny. Any good changes will be merged.