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Wiredcraft Full-stack Developer test

Make sure you read all of this document carefully, and follow the guidelines in it.


Build a Hacker News like app but for lighting talk polling.

Sorry no mock here, please make a simple and beautiful page that get the job done. We don't mind whether it looks as great as Hacker News.

User Story

  1. User open the page and could see a list of lighting talks order by rating submitted by other user;
  2. If there's no lighting talk, simply put a placeholder text and encourage user to submit their own talks;
  3. The user could vote for the lighting talk by clicking the voter button or icon;
  4. After voting the user will get an updated version of the lighting talk list(order by rating);
  5. User could always submit a lighting talk with title, description, and username;
  6. The user could see his lighting talk on the list after submitting;


  • The front-end part should be a single page application rendered in the front-end and load data from restful api(not rendered from back-end);
  • There should be a back-end and database to store the lighting talks

Getting started

There's nothing here, we leave it to you to choose the build tool, code structure, testing approach...


  • Use loopback to build the back-end(because we are using this for our back-end project and we hope you feel comfortable to work with it as well).

  • Use any front-end framework as you like.

  • With clear documentation on how to run the code.

  • Provide proper unit test.

  • Use git to manage code.

What We Care About

Feel free to use any libraries you would use if this were a real production app, but remember we're interested in your code & the way you solve the problem, not how well you can use a particular library.

We're interested in your method and how you approach the problem just as much as we're interested in the end result.

Here's what you should aim for:

  • Good use of current HTML, CSS and JavaScript & performance best practices.

  • Solid testing approach

  • Extensible code;


  • Where should I send back the result when I'm done?

Fork this repo and send us a pull request when you think you are done. We don't have deadline for the task.

  • What if I have question?

Create a new issue in the repo and we will get back to you very quickly.