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Wiredcraft Full-stack Developer test

Make sure you read all of this document carefully, and follow the guidelines in it.


Build a Hacker News like App but for lightning talk polling.

Sorry no mock here, please make a simple and beautiful page that get the job done. We don't mind whether it looks as great as Hacker News.

User Story

  1. User opens the page and could see a list of lighting talks order by rating submitted by other users;
  2. If there's no lighting talk, simply put a placeholder text and encourage user to submit their own talks;
  3. The user could vote for the lighting talk by clicking the vote button or icon;
  4. After voting the user will get an updated version of the lighting talk list(order by rating);
  5. User could always submit a lighting talk with title, description, publishDate, and username;
  6. The user could see his lighting talk on the list after submitting;



  • The frontend part should be a single page application rendered in the frontend and load data from restful API (not rendered from backend).
  • There should be a backend and database to store the lightning talks.

Tech stack

  • Backend oriented
    • Use Loopback for the backend.
    • Use any frontend framework as you like.
  • Frontend oriented
    • Use any backend framework as you like, even a static JSON file storage would do it.
    • Use React for the frontend.


  • Write clear documentation on how it's designed and how to run the code.
  • Provide proper unit test.
  • Write good commit messages.
  • An online demo is always welcome.

Advanced requirements

These are used for some further challenges. You can safely skip them if you are not asked to do any, but feel free to try out.

  • Backend:
    • Use Seneca to build the core feature and use a different framework (such as Express or Loopback) to handle HTTP requests.
    • Provide a complete user auth (authentication/authorization/etc) strategy, such as OAuth.
    • Provide a complete logging (when/how/etc) strategy.
    • Use a NoSQL DB and build a filter feature that can filter records with some of the attributes such as username. Do not use query languages such as MongoDB Query or Couchbase N1QL.
  • Frontend:
    • Do not use any scaffolding tool such as create-react-app, or any CSS framework,
      • but try to use some JS frameworks such as React-Router, and packing tools such as Webpack or Parcel etc.
    • Provide an error handling strategy, such as the UI/UX, and different handling for different errors etc.
    • Provide a form validation strategy.
    • Make it responsive.

What We Care About

Feel free to use any libraries you would use if this were a real production App, but remember we're interested in your code & the way you solve the problem, not how well you can use a particular library.

We're interested in your method and how you approach the problem just as much as we're interested in the end result.

Here's what you should aim for:

  • Good use of current HTML, CSS, and JavaScript & performance best practices.
  • Solid testing approach.
  • Extensible code.


Where should I send back the result when I'm done?

Fork this repo and send us a pull request when you think you are done. We don't have a deadline for the task.

What if I have a question?

Create a new issue in the repo and we will get back to you very quickly.