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An implementation of most of the Arduino Wiring functions for the Raspberry Pi


You will need to clone this repository with the --recursive flag on git clone as it contains WiringPi as a submodule.


You will need to first install php-dev or php5-dev



This will give you a build folder with the module, this needs to go in the relevant folder of your PHP installation.

Most likely somewhere in /usr/lib/php5/

Alternatively you can:

sudo make install

This will additionally copy wiringpi.php which you can include with:

include(ini_get('extension_dir') . '/wiringpi.php');

To choose the pin mapping type that you wish to use, create an ini file /etc/php5/conf.d/wiringpi.ini and adding the following:

To avoid having to change the www-data user to root, you can add it to the relevant groups:

sudo adduser www-data i2c
sudo adduser www-data spi
sudo adduser www-data gpio