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Unofficial mirror and ports of WiringPi


  1. WiringPi Public

    Gordon's Arduino wiring-like WiringPi Library for the Raspberry Pi (Unofficial Mirror for WiringPi bindings)

    C 2k 1k

  2. Unofficial Python-wrapped version of Gordon Henderson's WiringPi version 2.

    SWIG 494 216

  3. PHP wrapper for WiringPi

    C 114 43

  4. Version 2.x of Gordon Henderson's Arduino-like WiringPi GPIO functions, wrapped up for Ruby.

    C 84 35

  5. Perl wrapped version of Gordon's Arduino-like WiringPi for the Raspberry Pi

    C 14 10

  6. Forked from soarez/node-wiring-pi

    Node.js bindings to wiringPi

    C++ 323 93


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