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Muonium's VapourSynth functions
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Muonium's VapourSynth functions

Files is the main script. It contains some algorithms like GradFun3, GuidedFilter, TextSub16, some helper functions like MergeChroma, and some ideas that I develop like LDMerge, AnimeMask. is a complement of the previous script, containing some out-dated algorithms like SSR(Single-scale Retinex), some helper functions like gauss, band_merge, and also one of my idea named detail_enhancement. It may or may not be merged to the main script some day. contains algorithms that are processed in numpy.ndarray rather than C/C++. Due to the low performance, they are mainly for research. Here is my current interest. and's not the SuperRes in madVR or MPDN) are the dross of history. You won't need to use them.

(Read tutorial to use OpenCV in VapourSynth.)

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