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Display hitboxes inside King of Fighter XIV.

How to?

  • Go to the release page, and get the latest release.
  • Extract the zip archive somewhere
  • Launch your game
  • Launch the provided exe

It should display something like "KOFBox is injected, everything is alright.", type enter to close the window. You should see boxes now!

Where does it work?

Basically everywhere. Even online if you are willing to play with this on.

What is the meaning of the colors?

  • Orange: Physical boxes (one pushes the other)
  • Green / Blue: Hurtboxes for P1 and P2
    • Red border: Counter
    • Light Blue border: Guard-Point
  • Red: Hitboxes
  • Gray: Proximity Guard
  • White: Projectile hurtboxes (useless?)

Hide the boxes

To hide the boxes after the injection. Press F5. To re-enable them, repress F5.

Will this hold against updates?

It should but I had to update it for the day one release, so we'll see.

How do you do that?

Well the code is available but I use plenty of dark magic there so... can't tell you much more.

That said, I use easyhook to inject a dll inside the game, then it's just a matter of reading the memory and drawing rectangles.

Hey you've got frame count inside your inputs!

This project embeds which enables frame counts in input display.

Is it safe?

I think so, nothing prevents code injection in the game so we're good.

No gameplay element is modified, so technically you could even play online with it.

Building this

You've got a CMake you should be able to do this using VS compiler.