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iCalendar (.ics) File Generator


See live demo here!

Building this

Clone/fork/download this repository, then run npm install and bower install to install project dependencies.

Next, you'll need to find var bitly = Bitly.setLogin('BITLY_LOGIN').setKey('BITLY_API_KEY').setCallback(updateShortLink); and replace BITLY_LOGIN with your login, and BITLY_API_KEY with your API key.

You'll also need to find gapi.client.setApiKey('GOOGLE_API_BROWSER_KEY'); and replace GOOGLE_API_BROWSER_KEY with your Google API Browser Key.

Finally, grunt build to build. After that you can simply use the dist folder.


There are numerous iCalendar (.ics) generators already available, but I could not find one that met my needs:

  • Most of the existing .ics generators don't support timezones.
  • Most of the existing .ics generators don't handle timezones correctly, even if they had some support for it.
  • Most of the existing .ics generators that support timezones require the user to convert it to UTC, EST or some other timezone first, manually.
  • None of them allowed creating an .ics file directly from the URL. I really wanted this function as I did not like the constant hassle of creating an .ics file, hosting it, and then linking to it.


The iCalendar generator I made is based entirely on JavaScript and does not require any server-side components. It supports various timezones by storing the date and time in UTC, and you can also generate a link that will automatically generate and download an ICS file.

External Libraries

This uses a number of other libraries (bower.json shows all of them), key ones being:


Refactor/clean up code.


iCalendar (.ics) File Generator






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