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Welcome to XMPL SDK. XMPL technology is part of the XMPie OpenXM technology stack that includes the XMPL HTML, XMPL JavaScript and XMPL Rest API.

If you are already familiar with XMPL you may want to quickly consult our Cheat Sheet. Otherwise, read on.

XMPL is a Javascript library that adds personalization to your HTML page. Use the library's custom tags and attributes to add features such as variable text and images. Show or hide various areas of the page based on the offer that you wish to make for the target recipient. You can also change the font, color or any other style aspects with style variables.

Additional features that the library supports include:

  • Update recipient data through update forms
  • Add new recipients to your database via registration and referral forms
  • Update the data based on recipient behavior
  • Use XMPie's tracking infrastructure through tracking tags
  • Post on Facebook or share via Twitter

The library uses AngularJS as an infrastructure for providing the custom tags and attributes. In addition, it defines a services layer that is implemented as an AngularJS Service. This can be used independently in your AngularJS webpage, as well as from your non-AngularJS plain javascript code, providing you various XMPie services as variable data handling and tracking.

The library communicates with the XMPie campaign via an XMPL server. The server defines a collection of REST services for the library that you can use independently, if you wish to perform custom or client side activity without involving the XMPie client library. This SDK also includes information about these REST services.

Use the following links to get started:

To learn how to use the various library features, use these links:

Technical overviews of the library: