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Mastodon for YunoHost

Integration level
Install Mastodon with YunoHost

Lire ce readme en français.

This package allows you to install Mastodon quickly and simply on a YunoHost server.
If you don't have YunoHost, please consult the guide to learn how to install it.


Mastodon is a free, open-source microblogging social network. It is a decentralized alternative to commercial platforms like Twitter and avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication for commercial purposes.

Shipped version: 3.3.0

Important points to read before installing

  1. Mastodon require a dedicated root domain, eg. mastodon.domain.tld
  2. The user choosen during the installation is automatically created in Mastodon with admin rights
  3. At the end of the installation a mail is sent to the user with the automatically generated password
  4. It seems important to close the inscriptions for your Mastodon, so that it remains a private body. We invite you to block remote malicious instances from the administration interface. You can also add text on your home page.




Using screen in case of disconnect

$ sudo apt-get install screen
$ screen
$ sudo yunohost app install

Recover after disconnect:

$ screen -d
$ screen -r


Using screen highly recommended

$ sudo yunohost app upgrade mastodon -u --debug

Administrate with tooctl

$ (cd /var/www/mastodon/live && sudo -u mastodon RAILS_ENV=production PATH=/opt/rbenv/versions/mastodon/bin bin/tootctl --help)


YunoHost specific features

Multi-users support

LDAP authentication is activated. All YunoHost users can authenticate.

Supported architectures

  • x86-64 - Build Status
  • ARMv8-A - Build Status


Developer info

Please send your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that.

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade mastodon -u --debug