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ZUGFeRD and Factur-X is a open european PDF invoice metadata standard. ZUGFeRD invoices embed a XML structure into PDF and look and behave like ordinary PDFs but can also be parsed and paid automatically. ZUGFeRD version 2 is supposed to match Factur-X version 1.

This page is the incubator and communication hub for and around ZUGFeRD open source projects. Others may also be around. Our repos. For people and commercial projects around ZUGFeRD there is the ZUGFeRD-community, which even has a forum. Unfortunately for open source developers the human language is very german there :-( We do therefore employ our own, english Forum.


  • There is a curated list of ZUGFeRD/Factur-X Open-Source projects. If you know other open source projects please let us know. Some repos also live here:

  • The Corpus is a collection of real, sample and test ZUGFeRD invoices, some with artificial errors. They serve as test cases for readers and validators. Contribute by adding samples and (privacy-not-infringing) real live examples of your ZUGFeRD implementation!

  • There is a Plugin plugin for the open source online banking software Hibiscus which was a proof-of-concept for the ZUGFeRD developer days 2016

  • We're trying to find out if and how we can contribute a ZUGFeRD plugin to the great VeraPDF PDF validator in the ZUV ZUgferd+Verapdf project

  • Additionally, with ZOX we are evaluating if and how the XMPP standard can potentially be used as a protocol layer for ZUGFeRD invoices

  • the Mustang source code repository is here

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