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A PHP implementation of Glicko2
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A PHP implementation of Glicko2, a rating system for game ladders. Glicko2 is a refinement of the well-known Elo rating system that adds the concepts of rating deviation, volatility, and rating decay.

The original glicko2phplib was written by Noah Smith on 2011 June 7. That version contains significant mathematical errors. This is a fork by Guangcong Luo on 2012 Sept 28 that corrects these errors, and also updates it to be compatible with PHP 5. It should also work on PHP 4, although I have not tested that.


Glicko2Player([$rating = 1500 [, $rd = 350 [, $volatility = 0.06 [, $mu [, $phi [, $sigma [, $systemconstant = 0.75 ]]]]]]])

For new players, use the default values for rating, rd, and volatility.

The systemconstant should be between 0.3 and 1.2, depending on system itself (this is game dependent, and must be set by estimation or experimentation)

Updating a Glicko2Player

Add wins, losses, and draws to a player:

$Alice = new Glicko2Player();
$Bob = new Glicko2Player();
$Charlie = new Glicko2Player();
$David = new Glicko2Player();




$David->Update(); // David did not participate, but must be updated


GNU LGPL version 3.0

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