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I . What is Aperi'Solve?

Aperi'Solve is a platform which performs layer analysis on image.
The platform also uses "zsteg", "steghide", "outguess", "exiftool", "binwalk", "foremost" and "strings" for deeper steganography analysis.

II . Why Aperi'Solve

Aperi'Solve has been created in order to have an "easy to use" platform which performs common steganalysis tests such as LSB or steghide. The platform is also a quick alternative for people who didn't manage to install zsteg (ruby gem) properly.

III . Features

Aperi'Solve is based on Python3 with Flask and PIL module, the platform currently supports the following images format: .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jfif, .jpe, .tiff.

The platform allow you to:

  • Visualise each bit layer of each channel for a given image (ie. LSB of Red channel).
  • Browse and Download each bit layer image.
  • Visualise zsteg informations such as text encoded on LSB
  • Download zsteg files such as mp3 encoded on LSB
  • Download steghide files using a defined password
  • Download outguess files using a defined password
  • Visualise exiftool informations such as geolocation or author
  • Visualise binwalk informations
  • Download binwalk files such as zip in png headers
  • Download foremost files such as zip in png headers
  • Visualise strings output

IV . Application

The Aperi'Solve platform is a Flask web service (/web) (python 3.7) with backend daemons (/backend) which perform analysis.

Both of the two part has its own docker container.

V . Run with Docker-Compose

Simply run the following command:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

Then check your browser at http://localhost:5000/.


  • Add video on README
  • Statistics on homepage
  • Contact on homepage (@zeecka_)
  • Link script for local BF with steghide
  • "Probable flag" with regex
  • Implement "out of the box" png check (increase size of png) ?
  • Implement PNGcheck ?
  • Implement stegoVeritas ?
  • ...