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Zeta Ret ProtoSS Logo

ProtoSS package for Atom IDE

Zeta Ret ProtoSS Atom IDE

  • live settings
  • click ProtoSS at breadcrumbs to refresh info of .js file
  • absolute file location
  • number of lines
  • number of tokens
  • name of package [click to open package json in IDE]
  • name of json descriptor [click to open json descriptor in IDE]
  • number of properties INSTANCE-STATIC
  • number of methods INSTANCE-STATIC
  • inherit supers [click on each name to open JS ProtoSS Class in IDE]
  • key bindings and pointer clicks enabled on token utility Wiki How To
  • protoss* snippets part of the package

Zeta Ret ProtoSS Library - Prototype Supers-Subclass

Zeta Ret ProtoSS Cover

ProtoSS Website:
Author: Zeta Ret