rfoo - Fast Python RPC client/server module.
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rfoo - Fast RPC client/server module.

Maintainer: Anand Aiyer
Original Author: Nir Aides
Website: https://github.com/aaiyer/rfoo
Version: 1.3.1

rfoo (remote foo) is a fast Python RPC package which can do 160,000 RPC 
calls per second on a regular PC. It includes a fast serialization module 
called rfoo.marsh which extends the Python built in marshal module by 
eliminating serialization of code objects and protecting against bad input. 
The result is a safe to use ultra fast serializer.

SSL wrapper support added by
Jiri Lunacek of Hosting90 Systems s.r.o.
Email: jiri.lunacek@hosting90.cz
Website: http://www.hosting90.cz
SSL patch version: 0

Example server code:
> class MyHandler(rfoo.BaseHandler):
>     def echo(self, str):
>         return str
> rfoo.InetServer(MyHandler).start()

Example client code:
> c = rfoo.InetConnection().connect()
> Proxy(c).echo('Hello World!')

rconsole - included with rfoo package is a remote Python console with
auto completion, which can be used to inspect and modify namespace of a
running script.

To activate in a script do:
> from rfoo.utils import rconsole
> rconsole.spawn_server()

To attach from a shell do:
$ rconsole

The rconsole listener started with spawn_server() will accept any local 
connection and may therefore be insecure to use in shared hosting
or similar environments!


    Depends on Cython - http://cython.org/
    To install Cython follow the simple instructions at

    Tested on GNU/Linux:
     Ubuntu 8.10 64bit, Python 2.5, Python 3.2
     CentOS 64bit, Python 2.4


    sudo python setup.py install