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Online Version

The Online version is offline at the moment because it is not possible to access the API from the client with ember-data.js from a different URL. Cross-site HTTP requests are not allowed.

Installation guide - client

  1. Download client folder
  2. Start REST API (see next point)
  3. Change the IP address and port to the one of the API. Settings can be found in /js/app.js -> App.APIurl, App.APIport
  4. run index.html in your browser or mobile device simulator (optimized for iPhone 3G/4 and iPad)

Installation guide - REST API

The rest code is deployed on a herokuapp server. Links to the REST Services can be found on the wiki pages.

Structure of the repository

  • client: contains the webpages for the mobile client (singlepages)
  • client_old: old structure of the web client (multipages)
  • screenshots: screenshots of the client in the iPhone Simulator
  • phonegap-android: phoneGap project to test client in an Android Simulator
  • phonegap-windows: phoneGap project to test client in a Windows Phone Simulator
  • lab3: submitted solution of lab3
  • lab4: submitted solution of lab4
  • wiki_docs: files for the wiki pages of the repo
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