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Aardsoft Oy

We're a small company, mostly focusing on CI and test automation, often with ties to custom hardware. Check our website if you might need services like this.

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  1. emacsbridge emacsbridge Public

    An application to bridge between the Android and Emacs world

    C++ 25 1

  2. cups-email cups-email Public

    Print to PDF and send via email. Fork of

    Shell 22 14

  3. ansible-role-basic-host ansible-role-basic-host Public

    Shell 2

  4. mitsuko mitsuko Public

    A Wayland compositor using QML and LISP (ECL)

    Common Lisp 2

  5. ox-g-brief ox-g-brief Public

    g-brief2 exporter for org-mode

    Emacs Lisp 1

  6. PersistentConfiguration PersistentConfiguration Public

    EEPROM wrapper to help with keeping Arduino configuration persistent over updates

    C++ 1


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