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VIM as a presentation tool


Install the vim plugin SyntaxRange.

gem install vimdeck


  1. Write your slides in a markdown file (See below for details on limited markdown syntax)

  2. Run vimdeck <> and it will generate a file for each slide and open them in VIM

VIM Script

Vimdeck will also provide a script file that will set up keybindings for you.

  • PageUp/Left go backwards
  • PageDown/Right go forward

A Note about VIM

This is a tool meant for VIM users. In other words, it is not a VIM plugin — it's a script that converts a plain text document into multiple files.

The only hard dependency is SyntaxRange.

Other than that you may need some syntax highlighting plugins to handle the code syntax highlighting.

A Note About Markdown

Slides are separated by 2 newlines in a row.


# Slide 1

- has some
- really important
- information

# Slide 2

Is less important

Vimdeck does not compile markdown into something else. It uses a very small subset of markdown. List of items supported:

  • h1s
  • h2s
  • images
  • fenced code blocks

That's it. The point of Markdown is that it's human-readable. Other stuff like (un)ordered lists, block quotes, indented code blocks, etc. will be displayed just as they were written.

Fenced code blocks look like this:

```javascript = 'code'

Why Ruby?

Additionally, I want to point out that I realize that it's odd to have a VIM-based tool and not write it as a VIM script. Ruby was my language of choice only because the ascii art dependencies were implemented as ruby gems. Plus, I ruby.


Vimdeck converts h1s and h2s into ascii art

Lists are displayed as they are written

Vimdeck will also augment its vimscript to provide syntax highlighting

Images are even converted to ascii art!


VIM as a presentation tool



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