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A packaging factory for Microsoft Intune using Evergreen, VcRedist, and IntuneWin32App


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A Package Factory for Microsoft Intune

PSPackageFactory is a fork of IntuneWin32AppPackager combined with Evergreen and VcRedist to create an automated packaging factory for Microsoft Intune.


Automated Packaging Framework

This package factory provides a library of applications for automatic update, packaging and import into Microsoft Intune. New-Win32Package.ps1 uses Evergreen and VcRedist to download the latest version of a target application before packaging and importing into Intune.

Evergreen keeps the library up to date by updating App.json for each package via a GitHub Workflow that runs once every 24 hours.


Manual Packaging Framework

Even if you're using a solution such as Patch My PC, there are applications that can't be automatically updated (e.g., installers are locked behind a login, or an installer that is custom to the target environment), this packaging framework can be used as a repeatable process to package and import those applications into Intune.