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sttr is command line software that allows you to quickly run various transformation operations on the string.

// With input prompt

// Direct input
sttr md5 "Hello World"

// File input
sttr md5 file.text
sttr base64-encode image.jpg

// Reading from different processor like cat, curl, printf etc..
echo "Hello World" | sttr md5
cat file.txt | sttr md5

// Writing output to a file
sttr yaml-json file.yaml > file-output.json

🎥 Demo

sttr demo

🔋 Installation

Quick install

You can run the below curl to install it somewhere in your PATH for easy use. Ideally it will be installed at ./bin folder

curl -sfL | sh


MacOS / Linux

curl -sS | sh


curl.exe | powershell

See here


If you are on macOS and using Homebrew, you can install sttr with the following:

brew tap abhimanyu003/sttr
brew install sttr


sudo snap install sttr

Arch Linux

yay -S sttr-bin


scoop bucket add sttr
scoop install sttr


go install


Download the pre-compiled binaries from the Release! page and copy them to the desired location.

📚 Guide

  • After installation simply run sttr command.
// For interactive menu
// Provide your input
// Press two enter to open operation menu
// Press `/` to filter various operations.
// Can also press UP-Down arrows select various operations.
  • Working with help.
sttr -h

// Example
sttr zeropad -h
sttr md5 -h
  • Working with files input.
sttr {command-name} {filename}

sttr base64-encode image.jpg
sttr md5 file.txt
sttr md-html
  • Writing output to file.
sttr yaml-json file.yaml > file-output.json
  • Taking input from other command.
curl https: // | sttr json-yaml
  • Chaining the different processor.
sttr md5 hello | sttr base64-encode

echo "Hello World" | sttr base64-encode | sttr md5

💥 Supported Operations


  • ascii85-encode - Encode your text to ascii85
  • ascii85-decode - Decode your ascii85 text
  • base32-decode - Decode your base32 text
  • base32-encode - Encode your text to base32
  • base64-decode - Decode your base64 text
  • base64-encode - Encode your text to base64
  • base85-encode - Encode your text to base85
  • base85-decode - Decode your base85 text
  • base64url-decode - Decode your base64 url
  • base64url-encode - Encode your text to url
  • html-decode - Unescape your HTML
  • html-encode - Escape your HTML
  • rot13-encode - Encode your text to ROT13
  • url-decode - Decode URL entities
  • url-encode - Encode URL entities


  • bcrypt - Get the Bcrypt hash of your text
  • md5 - Get the MD5 checksum of your text
  • sha1 - Get the SHA1 checksum of your text
  • sha256 - Get the SHA256 checksum of your text
  • sha512 - Get the SHA512 checksum of your text


  • camel - Transform your text to CamelCase
  • kebab - Transform your text to kebab-case
  • lower - Transform your text to lower case
  • reverse - Reverse Text ( txeT esreveR )
  • slug - Transform your text to slug-case
  • snake - Transform your text to snake_case
  • title - Transform your text to Title Case
  • upper - Transform your text to UPPER CASE


  • count-lines - Count the number of lines in your text
  • reverse-lines - Reverse lines
  • shuffle-lines - Shuffle lines randomly
  • sort-lines - Sort lines alphabetically
  • unique-lines - Get unique lines from list


  • remove-spaces - Remove all spaces + new lines
  • remove-newlines - Remove all new lines


  • count-chars - Find the length of your text (including spaces)
  • count-lines - Count the number of lines in your text
  • count-words - Count the number of words in your text


  • hex-rgb - Convert a #hex-color code to RGB
  • hex-encode - Encode your text Hex
  • hex-decode - Convert Hexadecimal to String


  • json - Format your text as JSON
  • json-escape - JSON Escape
  • json-unescape - JSON Unescape
  • json-yaml - Convert JSON to YAML text
  • json-msgpack - Convert JSON to MSGPACK
  • msgpack-json - Convert MSGPACK to JSON


  • yaml-json - Convert YAML to JSON text


  • markdown-html - Convert Markdown to HTML


  • extract-emails - Extract emails from given text
  • extract-ip - Extract IPv4 and IPv6 from your text


  • completion - generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  • interactive - Use sttr in interactive mode
  • version - Print the version of sttr
  • zeropad - Pad a number with zeros
  • and adding more....


This project welcomes your PR and issues. For example, refactoring, adding features, correcting English, etc.

A quick development guide can be found on. Developer-Guides wiki page.

If you need any help, you can contact me on Twitter.

Thanks to all the people who already contributed!