A Compilation of some special Arduino sketches. Will include occasional Python Integration.
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Live plotting code (Python)
MLX90614 Arduino Library
Python Serial Terminal
Serial Terminal
Xbee-Live-Plots (No Arduino needed)



A Compilation of some special Hardware Hacks. This will include XBee, Arduino hacks based on Python. Some special sketches will also be uploaded

Some of my most common work will include :

  1. A live data plotting from Arduino. (Can be used for general serial devices as well). This is python based.

  2. Function for accuracy to n decimal points. (Arduino does not provide an inbuilt function in case a higher accuracy is needed)

  3. Special I2C library for sensors having 2 wire communication (Specially targeting the MLX90614 Infrared theremometer)

  4. Remote Arduino uploading, allows to use ZigBee or other wireless modules to upload a code over the air. (Working)

  5. Serial Terminal simulator in Python. Can do two way communication with any Serial Device.

P.S : One of my previous arduino hacks to develop MODBUS (Standard RS 485) protocol for arduino is a seperate repo.