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  1. abinit Public

    The official github mirror of the Abinit repository. We welcome bug fixes and improvements. Note that most of the active developments are hosted on our server. Before emb…

    Fortran 181 77

  2. abipy Public

    Open-source library for analyzing the results produced by ABINIT

    Python 90 77

  3. Abinit tutorials based on AbiPy

    Jupyter Notebook 13 13

  4. abiconfig Public

    Configuration files to configure/compile Abinit

    Python 5 12

  5. abiflows Public

    High-throughput calculations with Abinit

    Python 4 15

  6. agate Public

    Forked from piti-diablotin/agate

    Open-source software to post-process Abinit ( data and more ! See qAgate ( for more advanced Graphical User Interface

    C++ 1 2


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