Create a form in Symfony 2+ without using Doctrine ORM
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Create a form using Symfony framework without Doctrine ORM (Symfony Form Component)

This is a fully-functional Symfony2+ application that helps you to create a form without the use of Doctrine ORM.

This document contains information on how to download, install, and start using this application. For a more detailed explanation, see the Installation chapter of the Symfony Documentation.

  1. Installing

When it comes to installing you have to first install the Symfony framework. Then you have to integrate the following files from this archive:

  • the routing: copy from this archive the routing.yml file located into src/Demo/TestBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml
  • the controller: copy from this archive the AddressController.php file located into src/Demo/TestBundle/Controller/AddressController.php
  • the form generator class: copy from this archive the AddressForm.php file located into src/Demo/TestBundle/Form/AddressForm.php
  • the model: copy from this archive the Address.php file located into src/Demo/TestBundle/Model/Address.php
  • the view: copy from this archive the address.html.twig file located into src/Demo/TestBundle/Resources/views/Address/address.html.twig
  1. Checking your System Configuration

Before starting coding, make sure that your local system is properly configured for Symfony.

Execute the check.php script from the command line:

php app/check.php

The script returns a status code of 0 if all mandatory requirements are met, 1 otherwise.

Access the config.php script from a browser:


If you get any warnings or recommendations, fix them before moving on.

  1. Browsing the Demo Application

Congratulations! You're now ready to use the application.

By accessing this path


you will see the generated form. You can now test it.