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730bb88bee556aa11fa19aa33e1434cb6fa78985 by Evan Brown <>:

Support missing allocator-related constructors in b-tree. See [reference](

Also use allocator_traits::select_on_container_copy_construction() to get allocator for copy construction.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 339058322

b6cc121689ae3e452d1db2d66122cb198d25142b by Derek Mauro <>:

Fix more sign-compare warnings

PiperOrigin-RevId: 339057920

0e2c62da1dcaf6529abab952bdcc96c6de2d9506 by Abseil Team <>:

Add missing <limits> include

PiperOrigin-RevId: 339054753

d5a9ec2d1e40fe6359e720942e4955009ee415ec by Derek Mauro <>:

Stop disabling sign-compare warnings for non-test targets.
Our users complain about these.

This does not catch issues in header-only libraries (like btree.h)
but we may work on those in the future

PiperOrigin-RevId: 338967089

0c062c542a4c61ea0f65d25811827c0858e3adde by Abseil Team <>:

Improve cache-locality for ThreadIdentity and PerThreadSynch.

This is a change based on an observation in RPC benchmarks that shows
significant cycles being spent in waking up a thread, 99.8% of which
was on cache misses. Investigating this a bit more, it turns out to
be due to sharing the cache line with the waiter state.

To fix this issue, the following changes are introduced:
- Reorder fields in PerThreadSync so that it fits in a single cache line
  The size of this structure was 80 bytes before this change.
  Note: Manually inspected all booleans to make sure they are not modified by
        multiple threads concurrently.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 338852058

a90d6f2b2346385017e32dd8ae1b5ca691a5863f by Derek Mauro <>:

Delete GCC 4.9 test script. It is no longer supported

PiperOrigin-RevId: 338779452

7274008d4757e88869110be9db39d03d911ae2b5 by Abseil Team <>:

Fix the usage example in which SetFlag should take a pointer.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 338744529
GitOrigin-RevId: 730bb88bee556aa11fa19aa33e1434cb6fa78985
Change-Id: Iff99594c4022e60e482a392d334b376c7ae8883e

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Abseil - C++ Common Libraries

The repository contains the Abseil C++ library code. Abseil is an open-source collection of C++ code (compliant to C++11) designed to augment the C++ standard library.

Table of Contents

About Abseil

Abseil is an open-source collection of C++ library code designed to augment the C++ standard library. The Abseil library code is collected from Google's own C++ code base, has been extensively tested and used in production, and is the same code we depend on in our daily coding lives.

In some cases, Abseil provides pieces missing from the C++ standard; in others, Abseil provides alternatives to the standard for special needs we've found through usage in the Google code base. We denote those cases clearly within the library code we provide you.

Abseil is not meant to be a competitor to the standard library; we've just found that many of these utilities serve a purpose within our code base, and we now want to provide those resources to the C++ community as a whole.


If you want to just get started, make sure you at least run through the Abseil Quickstart. The Quickstart contains information about setting up your development environment, downloading the Abseil code, running tests, and getting a simple binary working.

Building Abseil

Bazel is the official build system for Abseil, which is supported on most major platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS, for example) and compilers. See the quickstart for more information on building Abseil using the Bazel build system.

If you require CMake support, please check the CMake build instructions.


Abseil contains the following C++ library components:

  • base Abseil Fundamentals
    The base library contains initialization code and other code which all other Abseil code depends on. Code within base may not depend on any other code (other than the C++ standard library).
  • algorithm
    The algorithm library contains additions to the C++ <algorithm> library and container-based versions of such algorithms.
  • container
    The container library contains additional STL-style containers, including Abseil's unordered "Swiss table" containers.
  • debugging
    The debugging library contains code useful for enabling leak checks, and stacktrace and symbolization utilities.
  • hash
    The hash library contains the hashing framework and default hash functor implementations for hashable types in Abseil.
  • memory
    The memory library contains C++11-compatible versions of std::make_unique() and related memory management facilities.
  • meta
    The meta library contains C++11-compatible versions of type checks available within C++14 and C++17 versions of the C++ <type_traits> library.
  • numeric
    The numeric library contains C++11-compatible 128-bit integers.
  • strings
    The strings library contains a variety of strings routines and utilities, including a C++11-compatible version of the C++17 std::string_view type.
  • synchronization
    The synchronization library contains concurrency primitives (Abseil's absl::Mutex class, an alternative to std::mutex) and a variety of synchronization abstractions.
  • time
    The time library contains abstractions for computing with absolute points in time, durations of time, and formatting and parsing time within time zones.
  • types
    The types library contains non-container utility types, like a C++11-compatible version of the C++17 std::optional type.
  • utility
    The utility library contains utility and helper code.


The Abseil C++ library is licensed under the terms of the Apache license. See LICENSE for more information.


For more information about Abseil:

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