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A web frontend for the ABS toolchain
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EasyInterface is a framework for rapidly building frontend interfaces. In a minute you can make your application running through a Web-interface, Eclipse, Remote-shell, etc. All you need is to provide a configuration file describing how to run your application, e.g., from a command-line, and which parameters it takes. In addition, if you modify your application to use the EasyInterface Output Language, which is a simple XML based language, you will be able to present the output graphically, e.g., highlighting code, opening dialog boxes, adding markers, defining on-click actions, etc.

EasyInterface consists of a server, where applications are installed, and several clients (web, eclipse, etc.) that provide access to the applications installed on the server. EasyInterface can run on Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows. EasyInterface was originally developed for building a frontend for the tools developed in the Envisage Project.

To install and integrate your own applications in EasyInterface we recommend proceeding as follows:

  • First read the quick installation guide, this will help you in quickly getting the EasyInterface server running.

  • Read Chapter 2 of the user manual doc/manual.pdf, where a simple application is developed and integrated step by step. Moreover, it provides a quick introduction to the EasyInterface Output Language and refers to the relevant chapters for more information.

  • Read if you are interested in using EasyInterface as a frontend for the tools developed in the Envisage Project.

  • Read clients/ for more information on the clients available, how to install/use them, etc.

Questions, comments, and feedback are very welcome.

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