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An interactive lorem ipsum generator plugin for Sketch
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An interactive lorem ipsum generator plugin for Sketch.

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Download the contents of this repository, then double-click the Lippy.sketchplugin bundle.
Or install via Sketch Runner.

How to use

  1. Select a text layer or a text override
  2. Go to Plugins > Lippy or hit Cmd+L
  3. Click the appropriate cells to create Words, Sentences, or Paragraphs.
  4. To create more content, click and drag from the last cell.

Using the keyboard

If you prefer using your keyboard instead of the mouse, use the arrow keys when Lippy is displayed.

  • and for Words (hold Shift to add/remove 10 words).
  • and for Sentences.
  • Shift ↑ and Shift ↓ for Paragraphs.
  • Escape or Return when you're done.


Choose to include punctuation when generating Words. Defaults to NO.
Punctuation is always included when generating Sentences and Paragraphs.

Adding more text sources

  1. Click the gear icon and select Source Text > Add New
  2. Enter a Name, and paste in at least 500 words of content for source text
  3. Save

Feedback or suggestions? Find me on Twitter: @abynim

MIT License

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