A web app to publish and analyze the correspondence of Leo von Thun-Hohenstein
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A web app to publish and analyze the correspondence of Loe von Thun-Hohenstein. A (hopefully soon to be deprecated) current version of such a web application can be found here.

technical things

The web app is based on eXist-db, a documentation of the basic code layout and the app's functionalities can be found here. The actual data, the XML/TEI encoded transcripts of the correspondence is not part of this repo but you can fetch the data from the 'old' application


  1. Browse to eXist-db's dashboard (in case eXist-db runs with default settings at localhost you can click here)
  2. Click on the Package Manager tile.
  3. Click on the add apackage symbol in the top left corner
  4. Click on Upload and
  5. select the thun\application-code\thun\build\thun-1.0.xar

Geo Referencing

In the XML/TEI encoded transcripts place like entities were tagged as <tei:placeName> and assigned with an @key attribute containing a normalized version of the place's name. These tagged places were transformed into an index document thun\application-code\thun\data\indices\listplace.xml with the help of the xQuery script thun\application-code\thun\tryouts\crateIndex.xql. The entries in this list were then geo referenced with the help of the Datasheet Editor provided by DARIAH-DE. The enriched data can be found in thun\georeference\data\thun_places_georeferenced_geobrowser.csv (or inspected here). With the help of a ipython notebook script (thun\georeference\enrich_listplace.ipynb) the data from the .csv is merged with listplace.xml.