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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this 02 Nov 19:31


  • Added support for xml comments in plist files
  • Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202008
  • Provide fallbacks for NULL memory SMBIOS strings
  • Fixed BOOTx64.efi and BOOTIA32.efi convention
  • Fixed SMBIOS handling with multiple memory arrays
  • Fixed memory array handle assignment on empty slots
  • Fixed CPUID patching on certain versions of macOS 10.4.10 and 10.4.11
  • Fixed incorrect core/thread counts on Pentium M processors
  • Added SSDT-UNC.dsl ACPI sample to resolve X99 issues, thx @RemB
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Increased slide allocation reserve to 200 MB for Big Sur beta 10
  • Fixed assert when trying to enable direct renderer on blit-only GOP
  • Added support for custom memory properties
  • Fixed intermittent 32-bit prelinking failures caused by improper Mach-O expansion
  • Fixed failures in cacheless injection dependency resolution
  • Fixed detection issues with older Atom CPUs
  • Fixed ScanPolicy NVMe handling on MacPro5,1
  • Fixed I/O issues on platforms incapable of reading over 1MB at once
  • Fixed plist-only kext injection in Big Sur
  • Add ForceResolution option for enabling non-default resolutions
  • Fixed Ps2MouseDxe not properly loading under OpenDuetPkg
  • Added workaround for read-only errors on some X299 boards
  • Added support for x86legacy Secure Boot model
  • Added missing Secure Boot NVRAM variables required by 11.0
  • Added setting of system-id NVRAM variable
  • Added ForceSecureBootScheme quirk for virtual machines
  • Fixed kernel and ACPI patches failing to replace last bytes of memory