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Color model HCG is an alternative to HSV and HSL, derived by Munsell color system
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HCG (color model)

Color model HCG is an alternative to HSV and HSL, derived by Munsell color system.

HCG (Article)


HCG - is HSV/HSL based color model. This color model use 3 channel: H, C, and G. Changing mixed gray color, instead of changing the brightness (luminance). This differs from the other color models, such as HSV and HSL.


Color model HCG has its own behavior. When you change the second channel (chroma), hue is mixed with a selected shade of gray (third channel). In this regard, there are some features in the conversion of RGB. If the C channel is set to 1, the G channel becomes undefined. If channel C is set to 0, the hue channel H is undefined. In this connection, RGB value must be chosen so that it was not a fully chromatic, nor completely achromatic.



Figure 1. HCG diagram and visual shader

Color model HCG has shades of gray in the middle, while the hue shades are not shaded at the edges of the cylinder (like HSV). This means that the HCG relies still on the hue. This is useful when you want to change the mixed shade of gray, without changing the value saturation.

Simple conversion between HCG and RGB

The whole algorithm for obtaining RGB color that is similar to the mixed hue (pure RGB) with a shade of gray, as the blending coefficient used chroma. The expression G * (1 - C) is the minimum value of RGB, and the value of channel C (chroma) is the delta of the minimum and maximum values of RGB. For these and crosstalk can find the inverse of H, C and G of RGB.


This color model is fairly easy to learn, easy to implement and has a variety of applications. For example a color picker, or editing graphics. It may also help in the virtual vision.


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