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Sublime Text git Commit Message Syntax

Syntax Highlighting for SublimeText / Text Mate


With Package Control:

  1. Run the Package Control: Install Package command, find and install the Git Commit Message Syntax plugin.
  2. Restart Sublime Text (if required)


  1. Clone or download the git repo into your packages folder (in Sublime Text, find Browse Packages… menu item to open this folder)
  2. Restart Sublime Text editor (if required)

How to make commits with Sublime Text

For the following options, you'll need to use the appropriate command from below: Note for Windows, you must have Build 3065 or lated to have command line support

  • Mac / Linux: subl -w
  • Windows: subl.exe -w

Preferred Method: Edit .bashrc

This will allow for more editing options than just the git commit, like editing diffs. This also leaves flexibility as it can be easily overridden, by the .gitconfig for example. Add the following to your .bashrc: On Mac and Linux:

export EDITOR="subl -w"

Alternate Method: Ammend your .gitconfig

You can run the following command to let git update your .gitconfig

git config --global core.editor 'subl -w'

Or add the following line manually to your .gitconfig

    editor = 'subl -w'