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This is my first (structural - "why make it simple when you can make it complicated?") PHP script, created in 2010-2011. The script parses Kismet logs to a database and shows collected data on a website with, inter alia, interactive and static maps of wireless networks using OpenLayers with OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and UMP-pcPL. The project's language is Polish.

Feel free to use this code and please just credit me (Adam Ziaja If you want to use most of this code then please take care to change static set passwords!

I would like to thank Patrick Salecker from and all the people from #wardriving at QuakeNet.

Wardriving is not illegal in any form in Poland. Wardriving is not hacking of wireless networks. Wardriving has nothing to do with unauthorized use of any kind. Wardriving is not a crime!

Video: (note that actual version don't use Google Maps API anymore)