💬 A GitHub Action to comment on an issue from commits
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💬 Comment on Issue from Commit - GitHub Action

A GitHub Action that helps your team communicate and collaborate before you open a pull request.

How It Works

This GitHub Action runs when an push event webhook is fired in your GitHub repo. The action checks for a #comment your message goes here in commit messages and added them as a comment on the related issue if the branch name includes the issue number in the #issueNumber-something-something format. You can also notify other people by @mentioning their GitHub username in the comment #comment your message goes here and notifies @person.

Since GitHub Actions currently only support actions within the same repo, this action currently only supports comments in on issues and commit in the same repo.


Example of issue before work has started: GitHub Logo

Example of creating a branch referencing issue #24 and adding a comment in the commit message: GitHub Logo

Example of issue with comment from commit: GitHub Logo


To use this GitHub Action, you must have access to GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions are currently only available in private beta (you must apply for access) and only work in private repos.

To setup this action:

  1. Create a .github/main.workflow in your GitHub repo.
  2. Add the following code to the main.workflow file and commit it to the repo's master branch.
workflow "Commit Issue Commenter" {
  resolves = ["Comment From Commit"]
  on = "push"

action "Comment From Commit" {
  uses = "adamzolyak/commit-issue-commenter-action@master"
  secrets = ["GITHUB_TOKEN"]
  1. Whenever you push changes to GitHub, the action will run!


If you have suggestions for how this GitHub Action could be improved, or want to report a bug, open an issue! Or pull request! We'd love all and any contributions. For more, check out the Contributing Guide.


ISC © 2018 Adam Zolyak adam@tinkurlab.com (www.tinkurlab.com)