Example code to serve as a basic introduction to Python programming
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This project contains a series of Python examples to help someone new to Python learn how to program in Python.

I am listing the order in which you may want to read these examples. The order below starts with simple concepts, moving on to more advanced ones.

**Introduction To Python**

 - python_strings.py
 - python_numbers.py
 - python_booleans.py
 - python_conversions.py
 - using_modules.py
 - string_interpolation.py
 - python_lists.py
 - python_dictionary.py
 - python_tupes.py
 - python_sequences,py
 - python_functions.py
 - python_logical_lines.py
 - python_string_interpolation.py
 - python_modules.py
 - python_os_module.py
 - python_star_args_and_kwargs.py
 - python_objects.py
 **TDD With Python**
 Slides for introduction to TDD With Python
 Code Samples
  - write_user_details.py
    - test_write_user_details.py
    - test_write_user_details_istub.py
    - test_write_user_details_iostub.py
   - write_user_details_di.py
    - test_write_user_details_mock.py