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Jupyter Notebook

Training Material | Addfor s.r.l.

The following IPython Notebooks are the standard training material distributed with the Addfor trainings. For more information about standard and custom training solutions please visit Training @ Addfor.

All the IPython notebooks are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Installation instructions

For detailed installation instructions visit: Download training material guidelines @ Addfor

All notebooks use our Addutils library: please install Addutils before running the Notebooks.

We recommend to install the Anaconda distribution to the latest version: please visit to download Anaconda.


  1. Python + IPython/Jupyter
    1. An introduction to the IPython notebook
    2. Python Basic Concepts
    3. Python Getting Started
    4. Python Style Guide
    5. Python More Examples
    6. Object Oriented Programming in Python
    7. Integration of Python with compiled languages
    8. Unicode
    9. Regular Expressions
  2. NumPy
    1. Numpy Basic Concepts
    2. PyTables
    3. Numpy - Plotting with Matplotlib
    4. Scipy - Optimization
    5. Scipy Signal Processing: IIR Filter Design
    6. Symbolic Computation
  3. Pandas
    1. pandas Dataframe - Basic Operativity
    2. pandas I/O tools and examples
    3. Pandas Time series
    4. Statistical tools
    5. Merge and pivot
    6. Split apply and combine
    7. Sources of Open Data
    8. Baby Names
  4. Machine learning
    1. Definitions and Advices
    2. Prepare the Data
    3. The scikit-learn interface
    4. Visualizing the Data
    5. Dealing with Bias and Variance
    6. Ensemble Methods
    7. Ensemble Methods Advanced
    8. Support vector machines (SVMs)
    9. Predict Temporal Series
    10. Forecasting with LSTM
    11. Theano Basic Concepts
    12. Explore Neural Network Hyperparameters with Theano and Keras
    13. Neural Networks with Nervana Neon library
    14. Tensorflow Basic concepts
    15. Explore Neural Network Hyperparameters with TensorFlow
    16. TensorFlow for beginners
    17. Keras - Theano Benchmark
    18. Neon Benchmark
    19. TensorFlow Benchmark
    20. Neural Network Benchmark Summary