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tus client protocol implementation for bash.
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tusc is tus 1.0.0 client protocol implementation for bash.

tusc lets you upload big files to servers supporting tus protocol right from your terminal.

If anything goes wrong, you can rerun the command to resume upload from where it was left off.


# Requirements:
# jq
sudo apt install jq -y

curl -sSLo ~/tusc
chmod +x ~/tusc && sudo ln -s ~/tusc /usr/local/bin/tusc

System Requirements

  • curl
  • dd
  • sha1sum/sha256sum

Usage and Examples

  tusc v0.1.1 | (c) Jitendra Adhikari
  tusc is bash implementation of tus-client (

    tusc <--options>
    tusc <host> <file> [algo]

    -a --algo      The algorigthm for key &/or checksum.
                   (Eg: sha1, sha256)
    -b --base-path The tus-server base path (Default: '/files/').
    -f --file      The file to upload.
    -h --help      Show help information and usage.
    -H --host      The tus-server host where file is uploaded.
    -L --locate    Locate the uploaded file in tus-server.
    -u --update    Update tusc to latest version.

    tusc --help                           # shows this help
    tusc --update                         # updates itself
    tusc --version                        # prints current version of itself
    tusc    0:1080    ww.mp4              # uploads ww.mp4 to
    tusc -H 0:1080 -f ww.mp4              # same as above
    tusc -H 0:1080 -f ww.mp4 -a sha256    # same as above but uses sha256 algo for key/checksum
    tusc -H 0:1080 -f ww.mp4 -b /store/   # uploads ww.mp4 to


To print the debugging information pass in DEBUG=1 env like so:

DEBUG=1 tusc 0:1080 ww.mp4

To print the lines of script as they are executed, create a debug file:

touch ~/.tus.dbg

To revert the above step, just remove the debug file:

rm ~/.tus.dbg

Trying Out

To get hands on in local machine, you can install tusd server.


# run tusd server (
tusd -dir ~/.tusd-data > /dev/null 2>&1 &

# start uploading large files
DEBUG=1 tusc --host 0:1080 --file /full/path/to/large/file

While upload is in progress, you can force abort it using Ctrl+C.

Then resume upload again:

DEBUG=1 tusc --host 0:1080 --file /full/path/to/large/file

It should start from where it last stopped.

You can check the uploaded files like so:

ls -al ~/.tusd-data
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