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Graphical tool to make photo collage posters

PhotoCollage allows you to create photo collage posters. It assembles the input photographs it is given to generate a big poster. Photos are automatically arranged to fill the whole poster, then you can change the final layout, dimensions, border or swap photos in the generated grid. Eventually the final poster image can be saved in any size.

The algorithm generates random layouts that place photos while taking advantage of all free space. It tries to fill all space while keeping each photo as large as possible.

PhotoCollage does more or less the same as many commercial websites do, but for free and with open-source code.


It provides a library to create photo layouts and posters, and a GTK graphical user interface. PhotoCollage is written in Python (compatible with versions 2 and 3) and requires the Python Imaging Library (PIL).


  • generate random new layouts until one suits the user
  • choose border color and width
  • possible to swap photos in the generated grid
  • save high-resolution image
  • works even with a large number of photos (> 100)
  • integrates into the GNOME environment
  • available in English, French, German, Czech, Italian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian


  • Fedora 19+:

    sudo dnf install photocollage
  • Debian 9+ / Ubuntu 16.10+:

    sudo apt-get install photocollage
  • Using pip, the Python package manager:

    sudo pip3 install photocollage


After install a launcher for PhotoCollage will appear in your desktop menu.

If it doesn't, just run the command:



  • If you changed the source and want to test your modifications, run:

    PYTHONPATH=. bin/photocollage


    python3 -c 'from photocollage import gtkgui; gtkgui.main()'
  • If you need to build a package from source and install it:

    # Install dependencies
    sudo dnf install python3-pillow python3-gobject
    sudo apt-get install python3-pil python3-gi
    sudo pacman -S python-pillow python-gobject
    # Install PhotoCollage
    python3 sdist
    pip3 install --user --upgrade dist/photocollage-*.tar.gz
  • If you wish to contribute, please lint your code and pass tests:

    flake8 .
    python3 -m unittest tests/test_*.py