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GitHub Advisory Database

Security vulnerability database inclusive of CVEs and GitHub originated security advisories from the world of open source software.

19,568 advisories

Craft CMS Allows TOTP Token To Stay Valid After Use Moderate
CVE-2024-41800 was published for craftcms/cms (Composer) Jul 25, 2024
The kstring integration in gix-attributes is unsound Low
GHSA-cx7h-h87r-jpgr was published for gix-attributes (Rust) Jul 25, 2024
OpenAM FreeMarker template injection High
CVE-2024-41667 was published for org.openidentityplatform.openam:openam-oauth2 (Maven) Jul 25, 2024
Remote code execution in Spring Cloud Data Flow Critical
CVE-2024-37084 was published for (Maven) Jul 25, 2024
Dolibarr ERP CRM vulnerable to remote code execution (RCE) High
CVE-2024-40137 was published for dolibarr/dolibarr (Composer) Jul 24, 2024
The Argo CD web terminal session does not handle the revocation of user permissions properly Moderate
CVE-2024-41666 was published for (Go) Jul 24, 2024
ClownandBox crenshaw-dev
Apache Pinot: Unauthorized endpoint exposed sensitive information High
CVE-2024-39676 was published for org.apache.pinot:pinot-controller (Maven) Jul 24, 2024
XML External Entity Reference (XXE) in the XML Format Plugin in Apache Drill Moderate
CVE-2023-48362 was published for org.apache.drill.exec:drill-java-exec (Maven) Jul 24, 2024
OpenStack Nova vulnerable to unauthorized access to potentially sensitive data Moderate
CVE-2024-40767 was published for Nova (pip) Jul 24, 2024
Sentry vulnerable to stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) High
CVE-2024-41656 was published for sentry (pip) Jul 23, 2024
Apache Arrow Rust Object Store: AWS WebIdentityToken exposure in log files Moderate
CVE-2024-41178 was published for object_store (Rust) Jul 23, 2024
vue-template-compiler vulnerable to client-side Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Moderate
CVE-2024-6783 was published for vue-template-compiler (npm) Jul 23, 2024
(ReDoS) Regular Expression Denial of Service in tf2-item-format High
CVE-2024-41655 was published for tf2-item-format (npm) Jul 23, 2024
SixLabors ImageSharp has Excessive Memory Allocation in Gif Decoder Moderate
CVE-2024-41132 was published for SixLabors.ImageSharp (NuGet) Jul 22, 2024
SixLabors ImageSharp Out-of-bounds Write High
CVE-2024-41131 was published for SixLabors.ImageSharp (NuGet) Jul 22, 2024
ops leaking secrets if `subprocess.CalledProcessError` happens with a `secret-*` CLI command Moderate
CVE-2024-41129 was published for ops (pip) Jul 22, 2024
openssl's `MemBio::get_buf` has undefined behavior with empty buffers Moderate
GHSA-q445-7m23-qrmw was published for openssl (Rust) Jul 22, 2024
DNSJava vulnerable to KeyTrap - Denial-of-Service Algorithmic Complexity Attacks Moderate
GHSA-crjg-w57m-rqqf was published for dnsjava:dnsjava (Maven) Jul 22, 2024
Argo CD Unauthenticated Denial of Service (DoS) Vulnerability via /api/webhook Endpoint High
CVE-2024-40634 was published for (Go) Jul 22, 2024
jake-ciolek crenshaw-dev
Anki Latex Incomplete Blocklist Vulnerability Moderate
CVE-2024-29073 was published for Anki (pip) Jul 22, 2024
Ankitects Anki LaTeX Blocklist Bypass vulnerability Low
CVE-2024-32152 was published for anki (pip) Jul 22, 2024
Ankitects Anki arbitrary script execution vulnerability Critical
CVE-2024-26020 was published for anki (pip) Jul 22, 2024
DNSJava affected by KeyTrap - NSEC3 closest encloser proof can exhaust CPU resources Moderate
GHSA-mmwx-rj87-vfgr was published for dnsjava:dnsjava (Maven) Jul 22, 2024
DNSJava DNSSEC Bypass High
CVE-2024-25638 was published for dnsjava:dnsjava (Maven) Jul 22, 2024
bellebaum schanzen
Apache Syncope Improper Input Validation vulnerability Moderate
CVE-2024-38503 was published for org.apache.syncope.client.idrepo:syncope-client-idrepo-common-ui (Maven) Jul 22, 2024
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