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Platform for decentralized, anonymized, self-curated festivals.

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  • Register resources (skills, items, etc.) and make them available to other users
  • Create places (address, gps position or virtual) and define time slots, so other users can organize events there
  • Organize events in places and use resources of others to realize them
  • Users can be anonymized with randomly generated animal avatars
  • Random meetings with random participants in random places
  • Built-in messenger and activity stream
  • events and places can be private (not visible to audience) or public
  • .gif-stream documentation tool

How can I use this platform?

Check out the Handbook to get started.


  • Server with NodeJS environment (<= 16)
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Mail-Server (SMTP)
  • PayPal Account for payment (optional)
  • AWS S3 Cloud Storage (optional)
  • gif-stream-server (optional)


Read the Handbook for more information about setup, contributions, deployment of HOFFNUNG 3000.


HOFFNUNG 3000 was developed for a self-curated festival for music, art and theory organized by BLATT 3000 and Klangkeller, 24.-26.08.17 in Berlin - HOFFNUNG 3000 is an experiment in social, artistic and theoretical collaboration. Feel free to use the platform for your own festivals. 🐼

Projects using the platform

🛸 Please note that some of these websites might not be online anymore.

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GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 AGPL-3.0