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Python RFlink library

Library and CLI tools for interacting with RFlink 433MHz transceiver.


  • Python 3.4 (or higher)


This package is created mainly as a library for the Home assistant Rflink component implementation. A CLI has been created mainly for debugging purposes but may be extended in the future for more real-world application if needed.

The package also provides a CLI utility which allows a single RFLink hardware to be shared by multiple clients, e.g. Home assistant + Domoticz or multiple Home assistant instances.


  • 01-11-2018 - rflinkproxy CLI command added, thanks to a contribution by emontnemery.


$ pip install rflink

Usage of RFLink debug CLI

$ rflink -h
Command line interface for rflink library.

  rflink [-v | -vv] [options]
  rflink [-v | -vv] [options] [--repeat <repeat>] (on | off | allon | alloff) <id>
  rflink (-h | --help)
  rflink --version

  -p --port=<port>   Serial port to connect to [default: /dev/ttyACM0],
                       or TCP port in TCP mode.
  --baud=<baud>      Serial baud rate [default: 57600].
  --host=<host>      TCP mode, connect to host instead of serial port.
  --repeat=<repeat>  How often to repeat a command [default: 1].
  -m=<handling>      How to handle incoming packets [default: event].
  --ignore=<ignore>  List of device ids to ignore, end with * to match wildcard.
  -h --help          Show this screen.
  -v                 Increase verbosity
  --version          Show version.

Intercept and display Rflink packets:

$ rflink
rflink                           Nodo RadioFrequencyLink RFLink Gateway V1.1 R45
newkaku_00000001_4               off
newkaku_00000001_3               on
alectov1_0334_temp               7.4 °C
alectov1_0334_bat                low
alectov1_0334_hum                26 %

Turn a device on or off:

$ rflink on newkaku_0000_1
$ rflink off newkaku_0000_1

Use of TCP mode instead of serial port (eg: ESP8266 serial bridge):

$ rflink --host --port 1234

Debug logging is shown in verbose mode for debugging:

$ rflink -vv
DEBUG:asyncio:Using selector: EpollSelector
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:received data: 20;00;Nodo RadioFrequen
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:received data: cyLink - RFLink Gateway
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:received data: V1.1 - R45;
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:got packet: 20;00;Nodo RadioFrequencyLink - RFLink Gateway V1.1 - R45;
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:decoded packet: {'revision': '45', 'node': 'gateway', 'version': '1.1', 'protocol': 'unknown', 'firmware': 'RFLink Gateway', 'hardware': 'Nodo RadioFrequencyLink'}
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:got event: {'version': '1.1', 'revision': '45', 'firmware': 'RFLink Gateway', 'hardware': 'Nodo RadioFrequencyLink', 'id': 'rflink'}
rflink                           Nodo RadioFrequencyLink RFLink Gateway V1.1 R45
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:received data: 2
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:received data: 0;01;NewKaku;ID=00000001
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:received data: ;SWITCH=4;CMD=OFF;
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:got packet: 20;01;NewKaku;ID=00000001;SWITCH=4;CMD=OFF;
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:decoded packet: {'id': '00000001', 'protocol': 'newkaku', 'command': 'off', 'switch': '4', 'node': 'gateway'}
DEBUG:rflink.protocol:got event: {'id': 'newkaku_00000001_4', 'command': 'off'}
newkaku_00000001_4               off

Usage of RFLinkProxy CLI

Share RFLink connected to serial port /dev/ttyACM1, the proxy will listen on port 2345:

$ rflink --port /dev/ttyACM0 --listenport 2345

Share TCP mode RFLink instead of serial port (eg: ESP8266 serial bridge), the proxy will listen on port 2345:

$ rflink --host --port 1234 --listenport 2345

Debug logging is shown in verbose mode for debugging:

$ rflink -vv --host --port 1234 --listenport 2345
DEBUG:asyncio:Using selector: EpollSelector
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:Serving on ('', 2345)
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:Initiating Rflink connection
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:Connected to Rflink
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:Incoming connection from: ::1:63293
DEBUG:rflinkproxy.__main__:got packet: 20;00;Xiron;ID=4001;TEMP=00f1;HUM=38;BAT=LOW;
DEBUG:rflinkproxy.__main__:decoded packet: {'node': 'gateway', 'protocol': 'xiron', 'id': '4001', 'temperature': 24.1, 'temperature_unit': '°C', 'humidity': 38, 'humidity_unit': '%', 'battery': 'low'}
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:forwarding packet 20;00;Xiron;ID=4001;TEMP=00f1;HUM=38;BAT=LOW; to clients
DEBUG:rflinkproxy.__main__:got packet: 20;00;NewKaku;ID=013373f6;SWITCH=10;CMD=ON;
DEBUG:rflinkproxy.__main__:decoded packet: {'node': 'gateway', 'protocol': 'newkaku', 'id': '013373f6', 'switch': '10', 'command': 'on'}
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:forwarding packet 20;00;NewKaku;ID=013373f6;SWITCH=10;CMD=ON; to clients
DEBUG:rflinkproxy.__main__:got packet: 20;00;Auriol V2;ID=D101;TEMP=006f;BAT=OK;
DEBUG:rflinkproxy.__main__:decoded packet: {'node': 'gateway', 'protocol': 'auriol v2', 'id': 'd101', 'temperature': 11.1, 'temperature_unit': '°C', 'battery': 'ok'}
INFO:rflinkproxy.__main__:forwarding packet 20;00;Auriol V2;ID=D101;TEMP=006f;BAT=OK; to clients