Getting Started꞉ Checkbox Item

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On this page, you'll learn how to create a checkbox item and its renderer.

Please note that there are other item types available, such as selector and radio-button items. These instructions create a checkbox item, but different item types can be created by choosing a different option during the "Item Type" step.


Checkbox Item :camera: Building a new checkbox item

  1. Complete the Scene Setup steps.
  2. Create an empty GameObject named CheckboxItem.
  3. Add the HoverItemBuilder component to CheckboxItem.
    1. Change the "Item Type" property to "Checkbox". Note the other item types in this drop-down list.
    2. Click the "Build Item and Renderer" button.
  4. Find the HoverItemDataCheckbox component that on CheckboxItem.
    1. Change the "Label" property to "Item A".
  5. Adjust the CheckboxItem transform to the desired position and rotation.


  • Adjust the HoverItemBuilder component's "Renderer Prefab" properties. The names of the renderer prefabs include "Rect" or "Arc", which describes the shape of the graphics.
  • Toggle the HoverItemDataCheckbox component's "Checkbox Value" property.
  • Change the HoverItem component's "Item Type" property. The item (and possibly its renderer) will automatically update to support the selected type.


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