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OpenStruct subclass that returns nested hash attributes as RecursiveOpenStructs


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OpenStruct subclass that returns nested hash attributes as RecursiveOpenStructs.


It allows for hashes within hashes to be called in a chain of methods:

ros = { wha: { tagoo: 'siam' } } )

ros.wha.tagoo # => 'siam'

Also, if needed, nested hashes can still be accessed as hashes:

ros.wha_as_a_hash # { tagoo: 'siam' }

Optional: Recurse Over Arrays

RecursiveOpenStruct can also optionally recurse across arrays, although you have to explicitly enable it.

Default behavior:

h = { :somearr => [ { name: 'a'}, { name: 'b' } ] }

ros =
ros.somearr # => [ { name: 'a'}, { name: 'b' } ]

Enabling recurse_over_arrays:

ros =, recurse_over_arrays: true )

ros.somearr[0].name # => 'a'
ros.somearr[1].name # => 'b'

Optional: Preserve Original Keys

Also, by default it will turn all hash keys into symbols internally:

h = { 'fear' => 'is', 'the' => 'mindkiller' } }
ros =
ros.to_h # => { fear: 'is', the: 'mindkiller' }

You can preserve the original keys by enabling :preserve_original_keys:

h = { 'fear' => 'is', 'the' => 'mindkiller' } }
ros =, preserve_original_keys: true)
ros.to_h # => { 'fear' => 'is', 'the' => 'mindkiller' }

Optional: Raise error on missing attribute

This option allows to raise an error if you try to call an attribute you didn't specify in hash

h = { 'fear' => 'is', 'the' => 'mindkiller' } }
ros =, raise_on_missing: true)
ros.undefined # => undefined method `undefined' for #<RecursiveOpenStruct fear="is", the="mindkiller">

The default behaviour returns nil

h = { 'fear' => 'is', 'the' => 'mindkiller' } }
ros =
ros.undefined # => nil


Available as a gem in rubygems, the default gem repository.

If you use bundler, just add recursive-open-struct to your gemfile :

gem 'recursive-open-struct'

You may also install the gem manually:

gem install recursive-open-struct


If you would like to file or fix a bug, or propose a new feature, please review CONTRIBUTING first.

Supported Ruby Versions

Recursive-open-struct attempts to support just the versions of Ruby that are still actively maintained. Once a given major/minor version of Ruby no longer receives patches, they will no longer be supported (but recursive-open-struct may still work). I usually update the travis.yml file to reflect this when preparing for a new release or do some other work on recursive-open-struct.

I also try to update recursive-open-struct to support new features in OpenStruct itself as new versions of Ruby are released. However, I don't actively monitor the status of this, so a newer feature might not work. If you encounter such a feature, please file a bug or a PR to fix it, and I will try to cut a new release of recursive-open-struct quickly.

SemVer Compliance

Rescursive-open-struct follows SemVer 2.0 for its versioning.


Copyright (c) 2009-2018, The Recursive-open-struct developers (given in the file AUTHORS.txt). See LICENSE.txt for details.


OpenStruct subclass that returns nested hash attributes as RecursiveOpenStructs