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Vue Snippets

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A collection of VUE snippets for Brackets editor.


Git Clone

  1. Under main menu select Help > Show Extensions Folder
  2. Git clone this repository inside the folder user.

Extension Manager

  1. Under main menu select File > Extension Manager...
  2. Search for "Vue snippets"
  3. Click "Install"

How to use

  1. Enable Vue Snippets
    Under main menu select Edit > Enable Vue Snippets or
    open the Preferences File and add "vue-snippets.enabled": true.
  2. Enter a snippet and hit the Space key.



Snippet Purpose
vbase Single file component base


Snippet Purpose
vfor v-for directive
vmodel Semantic v-model directive
vmodelNum Semantic v-model number directive
von v-on click handler with arguments
velProps Component element with props
vsrc Image src binding
vstyle Inline style binding
vstyleObj Inline style binding with objects
vclass Class binding
vclassObj Class binding with objects
vclassObjMult Multiple conditional class bindings
vanim Transition component with JS hooks
vnuxtl Nuxt Routing Link


Snippet Purpose
vdata Component data as a function
vmethod Vue method
vcomputed Vue computed property
vwatcher Vue watcher with new and old value args
vprops Props with type and default
vimport Import one component into another
vcomponents Import one component into another within the export statement
vimportExport Import one component into another and use it within the export statement
vfilter Vue filter
vmixin Create a Vue Mixin
vmixinUse Bring a mixin into a component to use
vcDirect Vue create a custom directive
vimportLib Import a library
vimportGsap Import GreenSock with Timeline and Eases
vanimhookJS Using the Transition component JS hooks in methods
vcommit Commit to Vuex store in methods for mutation
vdispatch Dispatch to Vuex store in methods for action
vtest A simple unit testing component
vinc incrementer
vdec decrementer


Snippet Purpose
vstore Base for Vuex store.js
vgetter Vuex Getter
vmutation Vuex Mutation
vaction Vuex Action
vstoreImport Import vuex store into main.js

Nuxt Config

Snippet Purpose
nfont link to include fonts in a nuxt project, in nuxt-config
ncss link to css assets such as normalize


Thank you all!!!


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