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Plugin to get last kernel version on mails from Mautic
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Plugin to get last kernel version on mails from Mautic.

the plan

I was committed to made available on message bodies dynamic content coming from existing website. Documentation how to get this work done is weak, so I had to roll up sleeves and take action.

As a generic reference, I am publishing it as the solution for getting last Linux Kernel stable version.


  1. Copy LinuxVerBundle from repository into /plugins
  2. Delete the cache content from /app/cache/dev
  3. Reach plugin management from Settings or by navigating to /s/plugins, then click the Install/Upgrade Plugins
  4. LinuxVer plugin with default icon should appear now on the plugins grid


From email Builder, a new section LinuxVer will appear, with just a Version button.

By dragging and dropping the token on the email body, you'll choose where the last Linux Kernel version will appear, so {linuxver_lastver} will be replaced with live remote data.


For this package see LICENSE

About Mautic, see Mautic's LICENSE.txt

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