Version 0.2.6

@aferrero2707 aferrero2707 released this Mar 21, 2016 · 696 commits to master since this release

Installation instructions

Ubuntu Linux:
Updated packages are available from two PPAs.

  • The "Highly Explosive" PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install photoflow

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can install the nightly builds of the stable development branch:

sudo apt-get remove photoflow
sudo apt-get install photoflow-git

Arch Linux:

PhotoFlow build recipes are available from AUR:

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can choose to compile from the stable development branch instead:

Slackware Linux:

SlackBuilds for PhotoFlow and VIPS are available from here:

Fedora Linux:

To install PhotoFlow, just execute the following commands as root:

dnf copr enable oleastre/PhotoFlow
dnf install photoflow

open the file and drag the PhotoFlow icon into the Applications folder

Unpack the photoflow-0.2.6-setup.zippackage and run the installer. If you have a previous version, it is recommended to uninstall it before running the installer.


New features:

  • Implemented GIMP plug-in
  • Processing pipeline:
    • Disabled pre-caching of layers at image loading. Added output tilecache operations to cached layers.
    • Updated G'MIC to version 1.6.9
  • Raw processing:
    • Added temperature/tint white-balance controls
    • Added chromatic aberrations correction module (automatic and manual), based on RawTherapee code
    • Added "clip" and "blend" highlights reconstruction modes.
      "clip" mode just clips the output of the demosaicing phase to the [0..1] range.
      "blend" mode is derived from the similar mode of RawTherapee and is equivalent to DCRAW's "-H 2" option
    • Added correction of RAW black/white points. The corrections are applied to the RAW data BEFORE the white balancing step
    • The camera input profile is now assigned to the image data when the working profile is set to NONE
    • Added possibility to define a default processing preset for all opened RAW files, to be stored as "$HOME/.photoflow/presets/default.pfp" under Linux/OSX. This feature is not yet working under Windows
  • Scale/rotate tool: added horizontal and vertical image flipping
  • GUI:
    • Added vertical panel with tools shortcuts on the left of the layers list
    • Implemented preview image panning via Ctrl-left-click-n-drag
    • Added persistent application settings and settings dialog
    • Added "about" section in settings dialog
    • Added possibility to choose a custom monitor profile from disk, which is then used to render the image in the preview area
    • Added help dialogs specific for each tool
    • The clipping warning logic has been changed: now it gets activated whenever at least one channel exceeds the threshold
    • Changed logic for tools activation: now only one tool at a time can be expanded and thus activated, and it also grabs control of the mouse clicks in the preview area. The "editing flag" button has therefore been removed.
    • Improved slider widgets appearance and added reset button
    • Completed GTK3 compatibility and added initial GTK3 theme, based on TooWaBoo's RawTherapeeBlue.css theme (
    • Improved file handling icons. New icons are adapted from the LibreIcons iconset (
    • Added rule-of-thirds guidelines to "crop" tool
    • Added possibility to move the selected control point in the curves tool via the keyboard up/down/left/right arrows.
    • Enabled Ctrl+Alt+left_click sampling of curve points for the "H/S/L mask" and the "brightness/contrast/saturation/hue" tools
    • The expanded/collapsed state of group layers in GUI is now kept when the processing pipeline is re-built and saved in the PFI files
  • Build system: added building option to choose among the bundled and system-wide LensFun libraries

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed various bugs in processing threads synchronization
  • Fixed various bugs in objects clean-up at program end
  • Fixed mouse coordinates conversion for "perspective" tool
  • Fixed laggynesh of path tool during path creation and bug in falloff rendering
  • Fixed bugs in freehand drawing pencil rendering at the image borders.
  • Fixed bug in clone-stamp realtime update while dragging pencil.
  • Fixed bug in dirty flag updating for layers inside a group
  • Fixed various bugs in cache updates when moving/deleting/hiding layers