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Aflak - アフラーク

Aflak - A visualization environment to analyze astronomical datasets by providing a visual programming language interface.

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Screenshot of Aflak

IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT: Features and API highly unstable!

Download binary (nightly)

Getting started

# Open a FITS file with aflak
aflak -f <FITS_FILE>
# See CLI help
aflak --help

You may find a demo video here.

Disclaimer: Most testing until now has been done with FITS files sampled from the SDSS MaNGA, and some files from ALMA. Standard-compliant FITS should be openable without issue, if you meet any issue, please file an issue, provide the FITS file, a screenshot and explain what's wrong/unexpected.


  • The first time you run aflak, the window layout may not be what you prefer. You may want to resize / move some windows with the mouse the very first time your run aflak. Hopefully, aflak remembers the arrangement of your windows between sessions.
  • It is advised to use aflak with a large screen more 2000-pixel large for a better experience. 3000-pixel is even better!

Build from source

Install the rust toolchain with rustup. You will need a working C & C++ environment to install from sources.

Quick install (nightly)

cargo install --git aflak


If aflak is already installed, just append the --force flag to the cargo command in order to overwrite the current install of aflak with a new one.

cargo install --force --git aflak

Slower install

Clone the git repository.

git clone
cd aflak/src
cargo install --path .


cd aflak/src
cargo build --release

Run aflak from source

cd aflak/src
cargo run --release -- -f <FITS_FILE>

Contributing, bug report, feature request

Please read the contribution guide.

Please fill your e-mail address on this link to subscribe to aflak's monthly newsletter and follow aflak's development.


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