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An API of Ice and Fire GraphQL Wrapper

A wrapper around the Game of Thrones API built using GraphQL.

This implementation is heavily inspired (read copious amounts of copy and paste) by Facebook's own wrapper around SWAPI, which can be found on the swapi-graphql Github page


A working demo is available at https://aqueous-citadel-58469.herokuapp.com

Please be patient with the above link. Heroku puts dynos to sleep if inactive for 30 minutes. The server should be responsive within 5 seconds at most on initial visit. Please report any issues you come across.

Getting Started

Install dependencies with

npm install

Game of Thrones Wrapper

The GOT API wrapper is in ./schema. It can be tested with:

npm test

Local Server

A local express server is in ./server. It can be run with:

npm start

A GraphiQL instance will be opened at http://localhost:PORT/ to explore the API.