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SWAPI GraphQL Wrapper

A wrapper around SWAPI built using GraphQL converting it into this schema.


Try it out at:

Deploy to Heroku Deploy to now

Getting Started

Install dependencies with

npm install

SWAPI Wrapper

The SWAPI wrapper is in ./swapi. It can be tested with:

yarn test

Local Server

A local express server is in ./server. It can be run with:

npm start

A GraphiQL instance will be opened at http://localhost:8080/ (or similar; the actual port number will be printed to the console) to explore the API.

Contributing to this repo

This repository is managed by EasyCLA. Project participants must sign the free (GraphQL Specification Membership agreement before making a contribution. You only need to do this one time, and it can be signed by individual contributors or their employers.

To initiate the signature process please open a PR against this repo. The EasyCLA bot will block the merge if we still need a membership agreement from you.

You can find detailed information here. If you have issues, please email

If your company benefits from GraphQL and you would like to provide essential financial support for the systems and people that power our community, please also consider membership in the GraphQL Foundation.