A GraphQL schema and server wrapping SWAPI.
Latest commit 8ec9220 Dec 16, 2016 @wincent wincent Fix tests
We need some dependency additions (and a .babelrc) to get the tests
passing since f03a089.

Additionally, the data returned from the API now has "unknown" for some
average lifespan(s), which means that we have to explicitly check for
that, because "unknown" cannot be coerced to `GraphQLInt`.


SWAPI GraphQL Wrapper

A wrapper around SWAPI built using GraphQL.


Try it out at http://graphql-swapi.parseapp.com/.

Getting Started

Install dependencies with

npm install

SWAPI Wrapper

The SWAPI wrapper is in ./swapi. It can be tested with:

npm test

Local Server

A local express server is in ./server. It can be run with:

npm start

A GraphiQL instance will be opened at http://localhost:8080/ to explore the API.

Parse Server

A parse server is in ./parse. After adding a parse/src/config/global.json file, it can be deployed with:

npm run deploy

A sample deploy is at http://graphql-swapi.parseapp.com/